Saturday, July 17, 2010

We are open in our main room for your delight! Lots still to unpack and arrange. Open Thursday through Monday from 10-6 Sunday 12-5.


  1. What a sweet shop! I enjoyed meeting you both today and look forward to watching you grow. Love the lampshades! See you soon, Teri

  2. Hello! What a cute shop you have going, what a nice location for you even though I liked the one by the store...........I am into a more primative anyways you need to come by and pay me a visit in Purdy if you are ever by. I have a little shop on my property and open up in the nice weather on the weekends.............I also worked with a lady here at the phone co that lived in the house you have your shop in. Here mother ran a grocery store and filling station........she has passed on but her husband lives next door and her daughter lives behind the home that is in back of your there is some history with that 5 acres have a great day and love to hear from you sometime. HUGS MARY